Ace Visits the Computer (also known as Ace Repairs the Laptop) is a documentary/adventure television film written and directed by Malik Homiversity and produced by Dellatop Drawers, the cast of the film has yet to be confirmed.  

The story of the film was written by Roc the Artist in September 2018, it is scheduled to be released by Wordenedia on December 21st, 2020.  

Ace Visits the Computer

Film inspiration

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Production company

Malik Homiversity.

Release date(s)

TBA-2020 (United States).

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik. 

December 2nd, 2018.


In the television planet: Lifovision (Tverse), 12 year old tweenagers, Ace Electron and Romina Electron, students of Technich's Middle School discover their school's Software Router which takes them to the world of computers.

After finding out about the universe, they enlists their teacher to take them to the Computipark where they discover the universe's operating system, Papulb (a parody operating systems, macOS and Microsoft).

During their journey, they discover brand new ways of computer program accessing including encountering new video editing programs, while venturing into this new science packed world, they realize that their only way home to their normal society is through imagination and grasping the fundimentals of life and reality.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 7th, 2018.


Facubation will be portrayed with a red balloon whose a female human.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 2nd, 2018. 


  • This is the second project to be in live-action instead of in computer-generated animation.
  • The events of the film take place in September 2019, 7 month's after the Lifovision television adventure.
  • This first project of Malik Homiversity not to be fantasy related as well as the second to be in 1D and FakE1D.
  • By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 18th, 2018.


The project first went into development as Pichure Toun which had been in the works since 2015, it entered pre-production shortly in late September 2015 as a animated film. 

In August 2016, the film was post-poned 3 times, scrapped and returned to development in 2018 as Ace Visits the Computer, depicted as a live-action biomentary (biography fantasy film), it is inspired from the recently released Wreck It-Ralph sequel.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 18th, 2018.