Moriani and Zarramoni are the Lifovision (Tverse) astronauts and the owners of the Camp District of M.H. in the Roc's Small Team (film), they were created by Malik Homiversity and owned by Roc the Artist.

Moriani and Zarramoni


Vanessa Hudgens.

Grant Knoche.


Roc the Artist.


Lifovision (Tverse) astronauts.


Lifovision (Tverse).

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 15th, 2018.

Development Edit

The character of Moriani was inspired from: Vanessa Hudgens (former star of the High School Musical film series) and Zarramoni was inspired from Grant Knoche (singer and former singer of the long running musical group The Kidz Bop Kids), the characters were officially sketched by Roc the Artist on December 15th, 2018 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania PA.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 31st, 2018.

Fictional BiographyEdit

Moriani and Zarramoni are two best friends and the astronauts of the Lifovision (Tverse), they currently own the Camp District of M.H., a imaginary camping district that was created by their friend, Roc the Artist on December 15th, 2018.

They are also the Roxborough R.S.T. basketball athletes, during their sparetime on campus, they play basketball games together and play other sports activities as well in the R.S.T. camp gymnasium, they are also members of 2019's Roxborough R.S.T. city adventure program in Philadelphia Pennsylvania PA.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Malik.

December 31st, 2018.

Malik Homiversity novel series (2019) Edit

On December 31st, 2018, Moriani and Zarramoni were confirmed to appear in the upcoming Malik Homiversity (novel series) as minor characters of the book franchise, which will depict on Moriani joining Camp Tweenagers on their imaginary adventures while camping at the Roxborough R.S.T. program in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

By: Abdur-Razzaq Abdul-Maik.

December 31st, 2018.