Po Peng is a very large panda who was chosen to become the great Dragon warrior.He is a great master of kung fu and is known for eating to much snacks


Early LifeEdit

Po was born in a small forest outside of the valley of peace but unlike most panda bears he had a destiny.....a big one.One day the small forest was attacked by a band of wolfs and burned to the ground.After the attack Po was seperated from his parents and left alone.Shortly after the attack Po was found by a duck by the name of Mr.Ping who took him as his son and brought him to the valley of peace to live with him.Growing up Po heard lots of stories about epic battles of total awesomenss and Legendary kung fu masters like the furious five.Po became sort of an expert Kung Fu because he likes it so much, but in the form of someone who knows everything about their favorite TV show This is shown by having posters and action figures of the Furious Five, he evens has shuriken. He knows different things about Kung Fu like techniques, like the Wu'xi finger hold, and totaly awesome legends and weapons, like the Invisible Trident of Destiny and the Urn of Whispering Warriors.

Becoming the Dragon WarriorEdit

Po wishes to become a Kung Fu master but it seems that he cant persue his dream because...well.........He works in a.....noodle shop.But one day tournament of the Dragon Warrior begins in the valley of peace to deside which of the Furious Five shall become the dragon warrior Po had to see this.So po clibed like 100 flights of stairs to reach the high place where the tournament is being held.But the gates to the tournament close and Po is left outside.So after servral other failed trys to get in he desides to strap fire works to his chair and shoot over the wall.So he shot over the wall and landed in front of master Oogway who was chosing the dragon warrior.Oogway took this as a sign that the universe had brought them the Dragon Warrior. Everyone, including Po, was surprised by this.

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