The Picture Town World is a fictional universe located across Earth, it's a universe that contains brand new cartoon charectars, the universe is a brand new world of cartoon computer animation.

By: Roc.

August 21st, 2016.


The Picture Town World is a brand new universe that is right across from Earth, the world itself is described as a new world that contains brand new animated charectars, the world also has parodies of Windows Movie Maker, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

By: Roc.

August 21st, 2016.

Charectars by groupEdit

The Picture Town planet has action figures that are parodies of certain action figures: the name for the charectars are: Figur-ainbows.

1: Figu-rainbows.

2: Wolvsters.

3: Scrinimators.

4: Roc's Small Team.

5: The Live Julia.

6: Elinah.

By: Roc.

August 20th, 2016..